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Office 2019 Pro Plus

Users who utilize the full range of Microsoft Office at home or in the office are well served with the Professional Plus Edition. Included are all the important programs: Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, Publisher and Access. OneNote is now available for download via the Windows Store to quickly take notes and make them available via the cloud on all devices. Due to the wide range of different programs, the Professional Plus variant is aimed above all at people who work in a home office or in a small office looking for a powerful, reliable solution to organize documents, spreadsheets, etc.

Word 2019 is the most powerful document authoring tool available. From everyday "paperwork" to official company documents, Word's functionality spans the full range of copywriting. New in this edition is improved virtual ink recognition, so writing with a stylus directly on the screen is now better translated into hard copy typing. In addition, the voice input has been improved. Microsoft has also made numerous detail improvements: SVG graphics, for example, allow the integration of even complex image documents, without resulting in high memory usage. Also, the scaling and other measures for image editing work better.

Access 2019 provides a powerful solution for creating and managing databases of all kinds. The new version supports the generation of database applications that work directly in the browser and are thus very slim. Stored data then ends up in SQL databases where secure access exists. Publisher 2019improves the possibilities for the publication of graphics of all kinds: presentations, advertising, flyers, magazines etc. In Office 2019 Professional Plus, Microsoft has significantly improved both programs; for example, expanding the founder recognition in Publisher and accelerating collaboration with colleagues on databases in Access.

When working with spreadsheets, Excel 2019 continues to offer the best features: spreadsheets of all types: financials, product databases, tax filing, etc., are enhanced by Excel in this release. This includes new information visualizations More mathematical functions are integrated into the system. The excellent compatibility with CSV files remains. Similarly, PowerPoint 2019 now offers the option of integrating recordings in Ultra HD directly into presentations, as well as freely scaling graphics and zooming in and out of images. The use of external image processing is thus easier.

Outlook 2019 continues to grant access to all saved contacts and e-mail addresses. Especially in offices connected to an Exchange server, this creates a good opportunity to keep information about customers and partners up to date. In addition, the application supports the creation of any number of e-mail accounts, which accommodates users with a variety of needs. Across all programs, Office 2019 Professional Plus provides the proven interface that has been integrated into every application for more than a decade. The workflow extends beyond any application and is very similar everywhere; whether in Word, Excel, Outlook or PowerPoint.

Office 2019 Professional Plus is limited by Microsoft to use with Windows 10 and Windows 10S. This means that none of tThe included programs are compatible with an older edition of Windows. this program collection is a license that belongs entirely to the buyer. The use is possible after purchase indefinitely without further subscriptions. For all editions of Office 2019, Microsoft grants a minimum 5-year support period on all device types.

System Requirements:
Operating system: Windows 10
Memory: at least 2 GB of RAM
Hard disk: at least 3 GB of available space
Screen: at least 1,024 * 768 pixels resolution
Graphics Card: DirectX 10 support needed for GPU-accelerated interface
Browser: latest versions of Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge or Safari
.NET version: at least .NET version 3.5