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Rating: 4,8 

Safeguarding Against Bitcoin Scams: The Importance of Antivirus Software

Why an antivirus software is essential to protect yourself from Bitcoin scams

If you have been closely following fintech news, you should have read about Bitcoin scams that have become increasingly common on the internet in recent years. Since Bitcoin is one of the most valuable assets today based on blockchain technology, scammers do take advantage of ignorant internet users. How do scammers do it?

The most familiar way these scammer trick people is through sending links to their e-mail address and asking them to click and earn some Bitcoin. However, the content of these links can install ransomware that can potentially lock up their PC. Unlocking it will require sending these hackers a specified amount of Bitcoin. So instead of earning the Bitcoin, the targeted individuals end up paying the Bitcoin to the scammers instead.

Now more than ever, trojans and viruses which hack your webcam or collect any other kind of personal information are on the rise worldwide due to high Bitcoin prices. Recently, once again, a new all-time high was reached in Bitcoin prices. The information collected by the trojans and viruses will then be used by these hackers and scammers for the purpose of blackmail.

Victims get an e-mail where they will be asked to transfer a specified Bitcoin amount to the wallet address of the scammers. If the victim doesn’t want to cooperate with the scammers, the scammers might threaten that all personal information will be leaked to the public immediately. In the worst-case scenario, for example, very intimate information could be shared with loved ones. This type of situation is a real threat (a nightmare) and there are many victims who are ashamed to speak up about it. Whilst Bitcoin is not completely anonymous, it is to a certain extent. Which means scammers prefer this way of receiving monetary value. Scammers take proper precautions to make it very hard to expose their real-world identity.

If you want to be safe from Bitcoin scammers, you will need a reliable antivirus software that includes the ransomware protection feature. The antivirus software can detect malicious links and block these from installing ransomware on your device. Here are some of the best antiviruses that have a good reputation in ransomware protection; Kaspersky, Norton, Bitdefender, AVG, Avast and others.

For the best protection, you will need to keep your antivirus software updated and also avoid clicking links from sources you are not sure of.

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